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About Us

Based in Dubai and serving all of the UAE, Gulf Vending provides our clients with high quality vending machines, gourmet coffee machines, and more.

We work with companies of all sizes, from single location businesses to chains to larger corporate entities. We can place one machine, or a dozen, depending on your specific needs.

In fact, it’s your needs that have become our hallmark. We’re known for working with our clients to provide the exact vending solution they are looking for. One that will keep their employees refreshed and happy.

We also have marked experience in the vending industry, and can work with you your way (and in your language too – we speak Arabic, English, Malayalam, Hindi, and Pilipino). Indeed, the manner in which we serve you can be as varied as the delicious snacks our machines dispense. Depending on your size and/or foot traffic, we have free placement programs, rental programs, and even sales programs. We can handle stocking, service, cleaning, maintenance, and more.

Oh, and our snacks and coffees? World class. Name-brand snacks you know, Dutch Hot Chocolate, Arabica coffee beans… only the best for you and your employees.

Bottom line: If vending is something you would like to provide for your employees and/or other foot traffic, then you should contact us, and we’ll work together to provide you with a vending solution that fits your needs, and meets your ROI expectations in terms of employee satisfaction.

Our Mission
To provide our clients with high quality vending machines which deliver snacks, drinks, coffee, and other fine refreshments. We install, program, and service these machines in a manner that is custom tailored to our client’s individual needs.
What we Do?
We’re a vending machine company, meaning we place, rent, sell, and service all manner of vending machines. From delicious snacks, treats, and drinks to high quality coffee machines and hot chocolate dispensers, we provide the means to keep your employees happy and refreshed.
Our Company's Values
In a word, we value YOU. Everything we do, from comprehensive vending machine placement options to the best service in the business, is focused on your satisfaction. Because when our clients are satisfied, growth is inevitable. That’s the type of business model we subscribe to.
Why choose Gulf Vending?
Choice and Service. You choose what you want, and you choose the level of service you need. And we provide it. It’s really that simple. We have the best vending machines in the world, and we have the highest quality snacks and coffees filling them.
Service and Support
Service is everything in the vending business. And we prove it every single day. From stocking and cleaning to maintenance, we’re known for our service from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. Vending machines are the introduction, but superior service is what preserves our long term relationships.
Where do we serve?
We provide vending machines in Dubai, vending machines in Abu Dhabi, and anywhere else in the UAE / Gulf Region.

Call us today at +971 (4) 341 1344 or Email us at info@gulfvending.com

We strive to provide Our Customers complete refreshment solution

Our Clients

  • Rixos Hotels
  • Facebook
  • Royal Catering
  • Al Zahra
  • FMC
  • Philips
  • Etihad Airways
  • Yahsat
  • Ministry Of Health
  • Inter Continental Hotels and Resorts
  • Abu Dhabi Airport
  • Inaya
  • Al Rostamani Group
  • Rove Hotels
  • New York University
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