Prettify JSON in Notepad++

It’s typically meant for use when in tablet mode, but it’s easy to access even when you’re using Windows 10 or 11 with a regular keyboard. Do it via the usualApp & featuresuninstall in Settings. Hi, I`m running Windows 10 pro and after reading all of the comments I was curious and had a look. If the input contains fewer than sizeA values, then fscanf pads A with zeros. Several […]

How to create and run a PowerShell script file on Windows 10

You can simply go to the site and start comparing your texts. A wide range of text documents are supported by this tool, for example, HTML, Javascript, Java, plain text, and some more. Although it is an open-source tool, it only works with Windows with low memory consumption. And SPSS freezes during the save, and the syntax doesn’t save, but the data set does. Or one of the other 27 […]

How to Password Protect Notepad File: 2 Easy Ways

If you don’t, you might get hung up on vi’s modal interface. When you open a text file in vim, there are two modes. By default, you’re in a “command mode” where you can use the keys on your keyboard to perform commands. You can also press “i” to enter “Insert mode”, where you can type normally and move the cursor around with the arrow keys, as you would in […]