How to create and run a PowerShell script file on Windows 10

You can simply go to the site and start comparing your texts. A wide range of text documents are supported by this tool, for example, HTML, Javascript, Java, plain text, and some more. Although it is an open-source tool, it only works with Windows with low memory consumption.

  • And SPSS freezes during the save, and the syntax doesn’t save, but the data set does.
  • Or one of the other 27 supported file extensions.
  • Click the Application Theme section to expand the options.
  • In the below screenshot you can see the difference between where the Word wrap option is not enabled in the first screenshot and in the second screenshot the option is enabled.

By default, the theme will follow Windows 11 settings. But, in this tutorial, we show you how to enable Notepad dark mode manually. One of most requested feature in Windows is the dark mode support for Notepad application.

Notepad++ is a free and open-source platform and the best replacement for Notepad. It supports tabbed editing that allows working with multiple files in a single window. Turn on the dark mode feature on Notepad to reduce eye strain and conserve battery life. Unless you are interested in changing the colours of all windows, to affect only a single program you’ll probably need something like WindowBlinds’ per-app skinning ability.

How to search the web with Bing in Notepad

Before exiting Notepad, saving files is mandatory. The Notepad++ app, by default, is in the light mode, but you can activate the dark mode in the preferences. When you save the file, the orange line turns green to suggest the saved content.

The Notepad++ themes may not extend the features but will definitely make it more user-friendly. I want to change background color in the editor side like in the example picture. Does anyone knows how to configure notepad++ when viewing js and css files. When I try to view such files in a web appbuilder application, all code is in one line.


In this article, you will learn 7 different ways you can unlock your password-protected PDF. Just install the add-on and it will recover things for you. It resets the X-mozilla status and they appear in a sub folder of the one they were originally in. You can remove an NPC from your save file (e.g., to fix an NPC permanently stuck in an invalid place).


In the following examples, the outer border is 1 pixel in width for deemphasis, and cell borders are red and 3 pixels in width. The appearance of border colors is different depending on the border style. Below are example border styles displayed in red. This will change your color scheme for your chosen app profile to the “Campbell” color scheme, a scheme originating from Microsoft Console Colortool. You can change this to “One Half Dark”, “One Half Light”, “Solarized Dark” or “Solarized Light” as an alternative.

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