Micro kitchen

Keep your staff in high energy with a fully-stocked micro kitchen from Gulf Vending, the most preferred provider of micro kitchen services in Dubai, the UAE and across the Middle East region. Make sure your office pantry is always stocked with fresh, healthy food items and the tastiest snacks from your favourite local and international brands.

Quality, reliable and affordable micro-kitchen service in Middle East

Micro kitchens combine the convenience and easy access of vending machines with the welcoming feel and wider variety offered by serviced cafes. Like vending machines, micro kitchens do not require personnel to manage them, making them a sustainable and cost-effective solution for meeting the diet requirements of your office staff. It can carry a larger number of options, including fresh fruits and nutritious meals, as well as juices, coffee, tea and other drinks.

A micro-kitchen is easy to set up, low maintenance, and can be tailored to various requirements. Whether you have a staff of 50 or up to 400 people, we can custom-build a micro-kitchen especially for your workplace.

Looking for a micro kitchen operator?

Gulf Vending is your reliable partner for providing the best quality food and drinks for your team of professionals. We make sure to source only the highest quality produce and food products, which guarantees the freshness and quality of our offerings. If you have specific food brands you prefer, let us know and we’ll make every effort to ensure these are always available in your micro-kitchen.

We can align our services to accommodate your schedule, whether you need to have your stock replenished, cleaned and maintained daily, weekly, or every other day.

Interested? Get in touch with us for a site visit or initial meeting to know more about our customizable vending and pantry services.

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